Hackett & Hackett P.C. is a full service law firm, serving the entire State of Michigan (State and Federal). We provide our client’s with the best possible legal advice and assistance, whether you are under investigation or charged with an offense to being sued or seeking business advice. Our firm provides cost effective services to clients all over Michigan, including federal matters.

Our team of dedicated and experienced attorneys will fight for your rights, while no one can guarantee outcomes, since each case varies according its own unique facts; we strive to provide the best possible outcome. Our firm also has associations with law firms across the world and is able to provide cost effective legal advice and assistance on matters that relate to foreign or international issues as they specifically relate to U.S. matters without incurring excessive legal fees.

To find out more, contact our office on our toll free number or attorney direct line to obtain an initial free legal consultation regarding your particular case or legal issue or you can either write or email us should you wish. Please note that Hackett & Hackett P.C., does not accept service of documents via this website

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